Walk with God all Day Long, Meditating on His Word in Song.

Are you looking for KJV Bible Music that will elevate your thoughts to the courts of heaven? Bible Songs that give great peace and joy? Folk Bible Songs that your children will love and memorize for a lifetime of blessing!

Then you have come to the right place.

  • KJV Bible passages sung to beautiful music.
  • Peaceful folk songs.
  • Bible promises come alive.
  • Excellent lead vocals.
  • Enjoyed by the entire family.
  • Simple, powerful, and extremely spiritual.

Thousands of families have been drawn closer to God through this music, Yours can too.

Bible Music

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You have to download the songs and unzip it.

To keep a safe backup of songs, use external hard drives, USB drives, cloud storage, or network-attached storage (NAS). Organize your music collection, create redundancy with multiple backup methods, and regularly check and update your backups for added security.

All songs are from the KJV - King James Version.

These are songs that you can share online.

  • 1. SS I 23.Every Good Gift James 1:17-20
  • 2. SS II 2. The Lord is my Light Ps. 27:1,3,4,7,10,14
  • 3. SS III 3. Ye Shall Not Need to Fight II Cronicles 20:17,15
  • 4. SS IV 1. Some Trust in Chariots Ps. 20:7,8
  • 5. SS V 1. Yes Call Master and Lord John 13:13-16
  • 6. SotS 14. Shepard of the Sheep
  • 7. SoZ 10. When the Lord Turned Again
  • 8. SoS 3. Set Me As a Sea
  • 9. Th 10. Where are the Reapers
  • 10. CTH 1. I want to be Like Jesus
  • 11. THWP 1. Blessed Assurance
  • 12. LH 8. Arts Alinu We Have Come to the Land

Yes, of course and at other gatherings.

What People Are Saying

About Bible Songs

"I have about 50 Bible Song albums in my collection, from searching all over the internet, and your Bible Songs are BY FAR the BEST." LA
“I just absolutely love your music. I think it is the best kept secret in the Christian community. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am telling everyone I know.” PA
These are my very, very, favorite CDs. I have bought other music and was usually disappointed. When I heard these I knew I found what I was looking for. Thank you so much.” TX
This is the most beautiful music I have heard. I sense the Holy Spirit when I play them. They really make me relaxed and calm. Thank you. NJ
My family loves Bible Songs I-V. I hope you do more in the future. They are the best Bible Songs we have found. Well done. MO
We LOVE your music! Thank you.” CA